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A Story 80+ Years in the Making

A Letter from Lisa Schomp & Aaron Wallace

Schomp Automotive continues to grow and evolve, eagerly pursuing new opportunities to serve an expanding state. We feel happy, proud, humble, and grateful. We are particularly grateful to our friends and customers, our incredibly hardworking and creative team of employees, and the community that has supported us over the years.

We've made significant progress since our beginnings in 1941, starting with just a few Oldsmobiles parked outside a converted gas station in Englewood, and have celebrated many milestones along the way. A notable achievement was the acquisition of three Shortline dealerships in Aurora, Colorado, in 2018. Our family of Colorado dealerships now includes Schomp BMW, Schomp Honda, and Schomp MINI in Highlands Ranch, as well as Schomp Subaru, Schomp Mazda, Schomp Hyundai, and Schomp Ford in Aurora. With these recent additions, Schomp Automotive Group has become the largest family-owned and operated dealership group in Colorado.

Our expansion has also taken us beyond Colorado's borders. In 2016, we were awarded a location in suburban Salt Lake City, where we built Mercedes-Benz of Farmington. This dealership quickly became the largest Mercedes-Benz dealership in the Salt Lake area and, in its first full year of operation, won the manufacturer’s “Best of the Best” award. It continues to thrive. Additionally, in Utah, in 2020, Schomp Automotive had the honor of acquiring Porsche Salt Lake City, a recipient of the Porsche Premier Dealer Award and a distinguished Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Partner.

Schomp Automotive continues to offer the same high-quality, personalized customer service that has characterized our business for more than three-quarters of a century. That includes our industry-leading “One Price – No Hassle” sales philosophy, adopted in 1993. Our customers tell us they love what we now call “One Price. One Person. One Hour.®” It has several imitators these days, but as the pioneer, Schomp Automotive has practiced it longer and better than anyone.

Schomp Automotive has stayed true to our roots as a family-owned and operated business. At a time when the automotive industry is consolidating and becoming more corporate, we have made the decision to remain independent. As owners we are accessible to our customers, employees and the community. We live and work here and we are able to see the effect that our efforts have every day. It’s a powerful incentive to keep striving to do better.

We understand that our business’s success allows us to provide employment for hundreds of hardworking people who, in their turn, help keep the local economy humming. Our tax dollars support local and state government operations, including public schools. And our business and our employees give back to many community organizations, nonprofits and schools with time and dollars. That’s important to us.

Our commitment to the communities where we work and live led us to initiate Schomp Spark in 2019 as a way to define and bring all of our charitable activities under one umbrella. The Schomp Spark online portal ( provides a clear explanation of our three Pillars of Support: Wellness, Education and Stewardship – especially for children. It offers organizations seeking assistance an easy-to-navigate application form and it allows us to respond to requests in a more organized and timely manner.

Schomp Automotive has come a long way since the gas station days of the 1940s. As we continue to grow our commitment to you won’t change: We will remember where we came from and how important it is to continue nurturing warm relationships with our friends, customers and community.



Aaron Wallace and Lisa Schomp

1941 - Humble Beginnings

Ralph Schomp Automotive gets its start in 1941 in Englewood, Colorado. Roy J. Weaver, one of Colorado’s automotive pioneers, our current CEO’s great-grandfather, relocates from Pueblo, Colorado, where he sold several different makes of automobiles out of the rear of a livery stable. During wartime, even though gasoline and tires are rationed he parks a couple of Oldsmobile out in front of his gas station to tempt customers and does a brisk service business. The dealership has been growing ever since.

1958 - Keeping It All In the Family

Ralph Schomp, Roy Weaver’s son-in-law, takes over management of Arapahoe Motors, Inc. Plans an extensive remodeling to accommodate showcasing new Oldsmobiles and providing the excellent service customers expected.

1965 - Same Family – New Name and More Cars

Ralph Schomp assumes ownership of Arapahoe Motors from Roy Weaver and changes the name to Ralph Schomp Oldsmobile. Founds Ralph Schomp Imports to represent Land Rover, Rover, Austin and MG automobiles.

1968 - Achtung! German Quality Comes to Schomp

Ralph Schomp introduces BMW (German: Bayerische Motoren Werke) and Alfa Romeo (Italian) to the Denver market. Ralph Schomp Imports moves to new digs at 1033 W. Dartmouth Ave.

1973 - The Tiny Civic Proves Huge

Ralph Schomp adds the Japanese-made Honda Civic to its lineup. The Honda line was new in the U.S. Although much smaller than American cars, the Civic was a fortuitous addition with the beginning of the Arab Oil Crisis and gasoline shortages and new environmental rules requiring reduced tailpipe emissions.

1976 - Lisa Schomp Breaks Down Barriers at General Motors

Lisa Schomp becomes the second woman to attend “General Motors Dealers’ Sons School” at the General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan.

1976 - Ralph Schomp Named “Time Quality Dealer”

Schomp was a trained architect who entered the automobile business to help support his family and protect his wife’s future inheritance. As it turned out, he was pretty good at it. He applied his strong family values and ethics and established in the car-buying public’s mind that, “We run a very simple business.” His peers in Colorado’s automobile business honored those values with its highest award.

1984 - A New Chapter Opens for a Family Business

Lisa Schomp’s husband, Mark Wallace, joins the Schomp dealerships. Just as Ralph Schomp, Roy Weaver’s son-in-law, was successful as a ‘car guy,’ Mark Wallace shows himself to be a definite asset to the growing business. A graduate of CSU, Wallace trained in the business at a Fort Collins dealership before joining Ralph and Lisa to manage Schomp Automotive.

1986 - A Sale with a Benefit

Like most every dealership, we have sales. Unlike most, we only have one – every year during the week after the 4th of July. It began this year and it continues to be meaningful because not only do we give our customers the benefit of great pricing, we donate a portion of our profits to The Children’s Hospital Burn Unit.

1988 - Schomp Turns a Page in Family History

Ralph Schomp dies and Lisa Schomp completes purchase of Schomp Automotive. She and Mark Wallace made a formidable team, pooling their marketing and business skills to continue innovating and growing the family business.

1993 - A Revolutionary Approach to the Car-Buying Experience

Lisa Schomp improves the car-buying experience by adopting the “One Price – No-Hassle” sales philosophy in Colorado – the first auto dealer to do so. It was revolutionary and controversial. Customers who had been led to believe that the only way they could buy a car was to bargain – and even to expect to be fooled – were thrilled that now there was a better way.

2002 - Schomp Goes Small

Schomp Automotive becomes the first MINI dealer in Colorado. The iconic, legendary British sports sedan brand had been bought by BMW. The German automaker kept the gestalt and the image while applying the best German engineering. MINI was reborn, slightly larger, better but with the same edge. Not just a car…a lifestyle.

2005 - Schomp’s World Expands to Motorcycles

Schomp Automotive purchases Fay Myers Motorcycle World, Colorado’s largest motorcycle dealership. Fay Myers, one of the nation’s largest motorcycle dealerships represents Ducati, Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, Piaggio, Polaris, KTM bikes, MV Agusta, and Suzuki brands as well as Honda Power Equipment.

2007 - Lisa Schomp Shows Her Quality

Just as Ralph Schomp before her, Lisa’s fellow dealers in Colorado honor her with the Colorado “Time Quality Dealer of the Year” award and she places in the top five for the national award. As one of the pioneer women in the automobile business, she proves she has the innovative spirit and drive to be a success … and open the doors to women entering the industry in every capacity.

2008 - Turning the Page & Starting a New Chapter

A sparkling new home for the BMW line opens in Highlands Ranch. The 86,000 square foot facility sets the standard for every other BMW facility to come with its spacious showroom and service department. The dealership site, on a bluff looking over the Rockies on the west and toward the fast-growing Douglas County communities to the south, is roomy enough for future Honda and MINI facilities. Instrumental in the facility’s planning and execution, Lisa Schomp and Mark Wallace’s son, Aaron Wallace, assumes operational control for Schomp Automotive, beginning a fourth generation of leadership in the automobile business.

2014 - Not Just Bigger – Better!

Groundbreaking is held for two spacious new dealerships – one for Honda and one for MINI – on the Highlands Ranch property. The site is convenient for customers from all over the Front Range to reach via Santa Fe or C-470. And the facilities will be the most modern with outstanding customer amenities. They’ll be new facilities but the Schomp emphasis on customer satisfaction will be the same.

2016 - Westward Ho!

For the first time in Schomp Automotive’s history, we’ve ventured out of the Denver Metro area, building a new dealership and representing a new brand of automobile. Mercedes-Benz of Farmington opened in 2016 in the suburban Salt Lake City, Utah community of Farmington. We successfully imported the Schomp way of doing business, with all of the customer attention, integrity and excitement that we know how to deliver…and have been for four generations.

2018 - Schomp Expands Into Aurora, CO

In our 77th year in the Denver area, Schomp planted its flag in Aurora acquiring three dealerships formerly owned by the Shortline Automotive Group: Subaru, Hyundai and Mazda in Aurora, CO. This move made the Schomp Automotive Group the largest family-owned and operated dealership organization in Colorado. These three dealerships transitioned to our pioneering One Price. One Person. One Hour.® philosophy of operating, ensuring the same level of excellence and personal service on which our family has built its reputation.

2020 - Schomp Acquires A Premium Sports Car Brand

In September of 2020, Schomp Automotive partnered with Denver-based Elway Group to acquire Porsche Salt Lake City, the only Porsche Exclusive Dealer in Utah. Since our arrival in Utah, we’ve had goals of continuing to expand our presence there. Porsche Salt Lake City has been serving the Salt Lake Valley since 1958 as one of the first Porsche dealers in the United States. The dealership is a 7-time recipient of the coveted Porsche Premier Dealer Award and one of only seventeen Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Dealers in the United States. We’re extremely excited about our future in Utah, and we’re proud to be part of such an exciting brand with a celebrated reputation and history.

2021 - Schomp Steps Up to Become Ford Tough

In February of 2021, after 43 years in business, Mike Naughton Ford has changed hands. We are excited to introduce you to Schomp Ford. We want to thank the Naughton family for their support in making this transition as smooth as possible. Schomp Ford is now the 9th dealership in our automotive group and we could not be more excited to represent the Ford Brand. We have already started the process of enhancing the current facility to create a beautiful new showroom and an impressive six-lane service drive to make our guest experience simple, quick and exciting. We fully expect the updated Schomp Ford facility to be the best-in-class in the Denver area. We anticipate the grand opening of the new showroom to be in late-2023.

2021 – Schomp Automotive Group Expands to Northern California

BMW of Fairfield, which opened July 1st, 2021, in Fairfield, California, marks a new chapter in the growth of the Schomp Automotive Group. We’ve formed a partnership – Fairfield Automotive Partners – with Third Set Partners, a family-owned African-American business, to open the new BMW dealership in Northern California’s Solano County.

2021 – Schomp Acquires Empire Nissan of Littleton

In August 2021, Empire Nissan of Littleton became Schomp Nissan. Schomp Automotive has a well-established presence in South Denver, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the addition of the cutting-edge products that Nissan North America is bringing to market. Acquiring a well-established Nissan dealership like Empire Littleton Nissan is a natural complement to our other dealerships.

2023 – Welcome Volkswagen of Fairfield to Fairfield Automotive Partners

VW of Fairfield opened in June of 2023 as the second dealership owned by Fairfield Automotive Partners – a partnership between two family-owned businesses, the Schomp Automotive Group and Third Set Partners. The same partnership that opened BMW of Fairfield in July of 2021. We’re thrilled to represent Volkswagen’s exciting line of products and Electric Vehicles.

Our Legacy Continues!

At Schomp, we take pride in carrying on a legacy of excellence. For years, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality vehicles and exceptional service. Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back time and time again. As we continue to build on our legacy, we look forward to serving you and helping you find the perfect car that suits your needs and preferences. Join us on this journey as our legacy continues to shine bright.

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